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With all of the project-oriented work going on in companies these days some will take the position that the functional organization chart is obsolete because of newer matrix reporting relationships. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without accurate organizational charts you’re dead. People will drift, lose focus, and create time-consuming performance problems.

With more work being done on a project-basis, more employees with multiple assignments on loan to other organizations, more virtual team activity, and greater worker mobility, your busy managers will certainly lose track of who’s doing what.

The organization chart software is the best tool to visualize, communicate and manage the key working relationships of your company’s precious talent. Org chart software such as OrgChart Professional by OfficeWork Software can quickly assemble your organizational structure charts from your HR data or company directory. OrgChart Professional can be used for budgeting, staffing, and succession planning. Outputs can be easily shared throughout the company.

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